Used machines from LINCK

LINCK Double-Shaft Circular Saw KCSU

The double-shaft circular saw lets you work coniferous wood to produce dimensionally accurate lumber with a surface almost as good as planed.
The double-shaft principle of the machine distributes the total cut height across 2 saw blades. The bottom saw shafts work in counter-rotation and the top shafts with the same rotation.
The KCSU machine has a constant distance between the saw shafts. This lets you use saw blades with the same diameter on the top and bottom saw shafts.
The heights of the saw shafts are set together automatically by servo-hydraulics according to the cut height.
Given their flexibility, KCSU units can be used for many different cutting jobs.

LINCK High Performance Vertical Gang Saw SE

These high performance vertical gang saws are built as heavy-duty, robust machines. Lumber is fed in on rollers driven by a central hydraulic unit with automatic synchronous control for optimum adaptation to the saw stroke. Automatic feed interruption guarantees free-cutting of the saw blades at the bottom dead centre, preventing an upstroke cut. The overhang of the sash frame is also adjusted automatically to correspond with the feed rate. If the dimensions need to be changed frequently, the machines can be fitted with a remote control width adjustment system. The SE series of vertical gang saws come in three different models for different stroke sizes: 500 mm 600 mm and 700 mm.

LINCK Profiling Technology

Linck profiling technology is the most modern, most economic method for producing coniferous lumber.
– High feed rates of up to 180 m/min
– Cutting with or without pre-sorting of logs
– Automatic log turning for optimum lumber yield
– Automatic measurement-controlled log and model alignment
– Integrated sideboard optimization
– Designed for curve resawing


Frame Saw line Möhringer OSS 71 BV

with asymmetrical electric adjustment of the Saw Blades

Automatic Board Edger Paul AB 920 – BK 1000

High Performance Frame Saw line Linck SE 600

with hydraulic adjustment of the Saw Blades