Used machines from Vollmer

VOLLMER Band Saw Blade Sharpener CAB

Dry grinder for band saws blades of up to 210 mm blade width. Guarantees high performance and precision. Changeable tooth shaping cams ensure quick, easy adjustment to any tooth shape. With trestles or central mounting attachment.

VOLLMER Auto Swaging and Equalizing Machine PMH

Auto swager and equalizing machine for band saw, gang saw and circular saw blades of up to 3.5 mm blade thickness.
The heavy-duty construction combined with microprocessor control ensures highest precision and operational safety.
For full swaging and equalizing in a single pass.

VOLLMER Automatic Gang Saw Sharpener GA250

Automatic sharpening machine for gang saw blades of up to 160 mm width, with a working speed of 40 or 60 teeth per minute and automatic infeed. The machine allows either dry or wet grinding with full lining and evacuation system. Allows the option of a grinding disc truing device and constant cut speed.

VOLLMER Automatic Sharpener for Circular Saw, Gang Saw and Band Saw Blades Cana/e

Universal automatic sharpener for straight and angled grinding. Compact and heavily built, with high grinding performance. The machine is very easy to operate and to set for each job. Four different tooth shaping cams are already built in. Let this proven grinding quality work for you.

VOLLMER Automatic Gang Saw Tooth Setting Machine GSA

Setting machine for blade widths of up to 160 mm with electronic measurement data processing and sensor control. Microprocessor-controlled technology ensures utmost precision.


Frame Saw line Möhringer OSS 71 BV

with asymmetrical electric adjustment of the Saw Blades

Automatic Board Edger Paul AB 920 – BK 1000

High Performance Frame Saw line Linck SE 600

with hydraulic adjustment of the Saw Blades